My Top 10 Reads of 2016…

Here’s the thing: you can’t be a word nerd without being a total book worm. Both labels I wear with absolute pride. Since childhood, I’ve read voraciously, three to five books a week. Once, in Year 10 English, I was reading ‘on the sly’, a novel on my lap ‘out of sight of the teacher’ …Read more

What a Year! My Top 10 Projects of 2016

Do you follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn? Over the 10 business days in the lead up to the end of 2016, I’ve been featuring a Blue51 Communications project from this past year, and here is my top 10 for your reading pleasure! 1- All Decked Out South Australia is a fantastic business that wanted to …Read more

Sponsorship Bang for Buck

Sponsoring or partnering up with a community organisation or event is a fantastic communications and marketing strategy because: It increases brand awareness It increases brand loyalty It gives a lovely dose of the feels. Feels aside, sponsorship is a business deal, not just a donation, and needs to be strategically aligned to both your business …Read more

Blogging Like a Freelance Boss- When You Are the Boss…

Blogging is an incredibly effective online marketing tool, and one which I believe almost every business could use and have fantastic results. Here’s why: 1- Blogging keeps the Google gods happy. All that delicious fresh content drives traffic back to your website. 2- Blogging feeds your social media content calendar. Scratching your head for content? …Read more

Blue51 Show and Tell- Getting Back on Track…

Oh dear! You’re so busy working in your business, keeping your clients and staff happy, managing multiple projects, that you’ve let your communications slide! Today’s Blue51 Show and Tell is an overview of working with a business who needed to get back on track with their communications. The project: Communications Coaching with All Decked Out …Read more