Analytics dashboard essentials

Google Analytics is a must for your communications toolkit. It’s a free tool that monitors your website performance in terms of traffic, keywords and audience. It has so much info and data that can not only be used to improve your website, but also guide your broader communications strategy. Hey guess what! This post comes …Read more

Is your PDF Google friendly?

Here’s the thing- I’m a writer, not a SEO specialist, but I have a super-quick strategy to enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that’s working really well for me (and clients) of late: Optimise the b’jesus out of your PDFs. See, I told you it was quick! Pstt… this post comes with a sweet little …Read more

Optimisation without grammar brutalisation

  Every time I speak with a people about their business writing, Google and SEO rears it’s (ugly) head. Let me be clear: I write to an audience, not Google. Everything I write is tied to broader business goals and a target audience, both of which direct messages. That said, of course you want to …Read more

Give love to get love

According to my Instagram feed, it’s Valentine’s Day! JK, and really, it’s not even funny that the algorithm is being such a biatch that I’m perennially confused about what day it is. It seems I’m not alone in my chagrin with Instagram at the moment; I know there are people in biz muttering to themselves …Read more

Farewell Facebook, hello mailing list

Don’t listen to anyone who says email is dead. Email campaigns still have massive conversions. Best of all? Email isn’t a slave to a reach algorithm- your message lands directly in someone’s inbox, not hidden away in a feed. Here’s the thing- social media is a non-negotiable, must-have communications strategy for 98.9% of businesses, no …Read more

Put your followers to work

When it comes to social media and children you shouldn’t play favourites. That said, Instagram, you’re my favourite. I think Facebook is an essential tool for business, and LinkedIn has it’s strengths (but not a lot of personality), but Instagram for me is such a powerful, often overlocked tool. Oops- Let me just interrupt myself …Read more

Generate a buzz on the cheap

Have an urgent issue to be addressed? About to launch a fabulous new website/service/product/event/something? Have a massive launch coming up and you want to make the right communications calls to really generate a buzz and get your ideal client connecting with your business? Have a budget that’s actually not really something you could in all …Read more

About page gold

Putting the spotlight on yourself is hard, y’all.* You have a story to tell- of course you do, it’s in my tagline- but every time you start to bang it out, all you think is ‘Oh Lord, how boring am I?’ It’s like when you were twelve, hearing your voice on tape and vowing NEVER …Read more

The anatomy of a great e-book

Psst- there’s a fabulous little writing freeby in this post that will have you simply bursting with writing ideas… Ebooks are a fantastic tool in your content marketing and lead generation toolkit, which often don’t require a ton of additional work. If you’re blogging regularly and have been for some time, with some quick tweaks …Read more

Is your dream client in a Facebook group?

Question- What communications strategy is best for your business? Answer- Those that will help you reach your business goals. Question- What’s the best way to use communications to reach my ideal audience so I reach my business goals? Answer- Wherever they are hanging out! More than one billion people are using Facebook Groups, so there’s …Read more