How to stand up for yourself online

A client recently reached out to me for advice after receiving a 2 star review on Facebook with quite a personalised and nasty comment. The comments in the review had some fairly decent factual inaccuracies (aka around 17kilos worth of BS) and my client was eager to make it disappear. Here’s my suggested steps for …Read more

Has your mailing list has lost that lovin’ feeling?

So, your business has one hell of a mailing list, created and curated carefully over time through networking events, through opt ins, through beautifully designed and executed strategies.  Initially, you gave lots of thought and love to your list. You created an email communications strategy- aligned to your business’ broader communications strategic direction, of course- …Read more

How to put the social in social media

Hey guess what? Social media is a communications tool for connection! Can you believe it? It’s a (relatively) easy way for people (aka your potential clients) to connect with you, your business and your brand and discover over time who you are and what your superpowers are. Here’s the kicker though- it’s not a one …Read more

Entice People Around Your Website

Creating a website is a massive project. A whole ton of blood, sweat and tears go to each step of a website build, from the copywriting, the design and structure, the coding and the visuals and branding, to finding the perfect photo for your about page. Do you have beautiful website? Have you created an …Read more

Blue51 Show and Tell: A Beautiful Website

I’m utterly thrilled to be sharing a recently completed client project in today’s Blue51 Show and Tell. The project: A fabulous online home for Western Special Needs Dentistry. The client: Western Special Needs Dentistry (WSND) provides oral health services to people with special needs, which may include intellectual disabilities, medical, physical or psychiatric conditions. Dental …Read more

Google set to unleash hell…

OK, so I may be a little misleading with this header; I just really, really love that scene from Gladiator when Russell Crowe mutters in that indistinct accent ‘…unleash hell.’ Russell Crowe… Sorry, where was I going with all this? You may have heard that on 21st April Google will be releasing their new algorithm …Read more