My Top 10 Reads of 2016…

Here’s the thing: you can’t be a word nerd without being a total book worm. Both labels I wear with absolute pride. Since childhood, I’ve read voraciously, three to five books a week. Once, in Year 10 English, I was reading ‘on the sly’, a novel on my lap ‘out of sight of the teacher’ …Read more

Blogging Like a Freelance Boss- When You Are the Boss…

Blogging is an incredibly effective online marketing tool, and one which I believe almost every business could use and have fantastic results. Here’s why: 1- Blogging keeps the Google gods happy. All that delicious fresh content drives traffic back to your website. 2- Blogging feeds your social media content calendar. Scratching your head for content? …Read more

4 Fantastic Reasons to Write Guest Blog Posts…

Providing guest blog posts for other businesses is a fantastic tactic for online marketing and to promote your business, for four main reasons: 1- It allows you to build your brand, as well as the perception that you are a person who knows their stuff when it comes to your speciality. By sharing your ideas, …Read more

Taming the Content Marketing Beast…

Or how I went from a gazillion post-its to a strategic, easy to implement plan of attack. You know the plumber with leaky taps? A year ago, that was me, but swap ‘plumber’ for ‘word nerd’ and ‘leaky taps’ for ‘abandoned content marketing.’ I was simply too busy doing client work to get my own …Read more

Death by Scheduling

It’s no secret that I live and die by my schedule. If something isn’t in my schedule then it simply doesn’t get done. There’s a huge amount of flexibility in self-employment and/or working from home which I’ve talked about here and here. However, with flexibility and freedom comes enormous distraction and procrastination possibilities. Ever heard …Read more

Self-Promotion Without the Ick Factor

Self-promotion can feel undoubtably icky- I get it. But self promotion and running a business are inextricably linked. People need to know what you who you are what you do! No one knows your business better than you do, and there’s no-one better placed than you to be delivering your message. You need a plan, …Read more

Motivation Hacks

Let me tell you something for nothing- working for myself is the bomb. I set my own hours, deadlines, income goals and Key Performance Indicators. I experience flexibility and freedom in work that I’ve never experienced as an employee. However, working for myself only works when I do, and between the washing needing to be …Read more

The Balancing Act

If you take a peek at my My Lovely Clients page, you’ll see fairly quickly that I don’t do niche. I work on many different projects for different clients at once- and I love it! The ability to have flexibility and variety in my work is one of the key reasons I am an employer …Read more

Nail That Elevator Pitch

When you’re working for yo’self, you need to take advantage of all the opportunities to promote your business that can pop up as often as twenty times a day; at the school gate, at the gym, at the shops or even when you’re bailed up by the eccentric person at your local train station.  Formal …Read more

Basic Biz Planning for EOFY 

I’m writing today in perhaps the last of Melbourne’s sunshine, on the last day of Autumn. Jon Snow was right- winter is coming- and so to is End of Financial Year, or EOFY for those of you into acronyms. No judgement here… I love acronyms, and I love milestones, and believe EOFY is the perfect …Read more