Choose Your Platforms Wisely…

Every business knows they need a social media presence- that’s a given.  They need it for brand recognition, to drive traffic to their website and/or to their bricks and mortar store and as the foundation of their content marketing strategy.  But the how and the what and the which isn’t quite so clear. Here’s the …Read more

Three Simple Ways to Smash a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is such a bloody incredibly powerful communications tool- no doubt about it, and the Facebook Ads capabilities are the bee’s bloody knees. Apologies for my semi-profanity (oh I have so much more in my arsenal, alas) but when a tool seems to be created with the sole purpose of making a communications geek’s life …Read more

Hot or Not? Social Proof Communications

Many moons ago, when I started work in the communications sector, the buzzword for validation-based decision making was ‘The Bandwagon Effect’. That shows you my age. Thankfully, I’ve stepped away from this slightly-inflammatory term, and I now use the term ‘social proof’ to describe the phenomenon of basically wanting what she has*.  At it’s core, social …Read more

Track and Measure- Why I Love Google Analytics

When I was a wee thing in skyscraper heels I had a communications director that used to say in every campaign planning meeting ‘if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.’ Damn it, there’s no escaping the fact that whilst yes, it’s awesome to be blogging regularly and smashing out a social media strategy, without …Read more

Stop Selling and Start Engaging

Heard the news? Instagram is rolling out Instagram for Business. It offers clients to contact businesses directly through Instagram, and measures engagement insights from within the app. I love a good insight, and I’m looking forward to the insights for both my account and those that I manage telling me what I already know: the …Read more

Lovely Linkies for SEO

SEO is important, y’all. It’s so important, I’ve written whole blog posts on the topics, here, here and here. Put simply, without SEO, your digital home will wither and wane, and you’ll be left bereft, rocking in the corner throwing breadcrumbs at yourself. Look, I don’t know that it’s all that dramatic, and I’m certainly …Read more

Four Easy Ways to Make PDFs Work for your Website

You want to be number 1 on Google for your thang, of course you do. What to do? What to do? Optimise, optimise, optimise, they say. Well duh. You’re optimising left, right and centre. What next? Get back links, they say. But you can’t physically force another website to link back to yours, no matter …Read more

Keep Your SEO Pretty, Please

Remember my post about SEO Keyword Researching? You don’t? Here’s a link– go take a read, I’ll wait… All done? So to recap that post: I indicated that SEO is basically matching your online content to what your ideal client is typing into Google; and I asked you to be clear about who you are targeting …Read more

Keyword Research for SEO on Steroids

Want to be found on Google? Of course you do- why else would you put any time, effort or dosh into an online home for your business? Without a decent sprinkle of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) throughout your site, using keywords specific to your business and industry, your beautiful website is just not going to …Read more