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Content marketing, am I right? There’s only one way for your ideal audience to connect with your brand and that is to consistently show up, telling your story in a way that is as considered as it is compelling. Yet in the busy day to day of life writing your blog, social media or email campaigns- let alone that book that’s percolating away inside- is something that easily slips down the priority list. Imagine an ongoing program that’s designed to help you banish the blank page and communicate with your audience strategically and consistently over time to grow your brand.

What is Band of Batchers?

Band of Batchers Writing Program is a group program that is as boss as is sounds. Writing can be a lonely, solitary pursuit, no doubt about it. Band of Batchers provides the fire and the drive that comes with a collective of people in your corner, ready to cheerlead, inspire, help and motivate you to get your content out of your head and into the world. It’s accountability, productivity and camaraderie with the sole purpose of supporting you to create content for your brand consistently, effectively and purposefully. It gives clarity and focus as you lean into your story to grow your business and brand, with a splash of group empowerment on the side. It is goal setting and connection, it’s momentum and habit building and it’s expert support and guidance from a communications writing specialist, along with all the warm and fuzzies that come with sharing experiences with like minded people.

Why Batch?

Batching, at it’s core, is all about productivity, aka getting it done. *flexes muscles and shakes fist* It is an effective and proven time management strategy that is the polar opposite of multitasking.

It is working towards a goal with a single focus as a way to minimise distraction while maximising concentration and attention. In our case, the goal is content, sweet, sweet content. Use it for blog posts, speeches, articles, full drafts and mind mapping, book outlines or chapters, freewriting, video script notes, email campaigns, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

How it works:

Band of Batchers is an online monthly half-day strict bum on seat, fingers to the keyboard time for writing with a group of fellow batchers (ie the band). But it’s so much more than a monthly batch writing session; oh so much more! It’s monthly live planning, training and Q&As sessions with me, a content and communications writing specialist, all focused on great writing and content. It’s an exclusive, private Facebook community where you can share your wins, achievements, your struggles and your challenges and get real time support and advice and reactions to your content and your offers (sales pages, anyone?) as you ‘pick the brains’ of the band. It’s weekly accountability check ins from me, your friendly neighbourhood Word Nerd and Official Queen B (I’ve always wanted to say that). It’s immersive, fun, energising, supportive and ridiculously productive, with some challenges and surprises thrown in to the mix, just to keep things spicy.

Who for:

  • Band of Batchers is perfect for people who:
  • Know that their story is the perfect way to connect with their ideal audience but need dedicated time to get it out of their head or content plan and onto the page.
  • Want to spend less time overall and much less angst crafting each piece of writing on their to-do list, be it blog posts, articles, social media captions, sales pages, pitches, emails or books.
  • Know what message they want to share through content but blogging keeps slipping down the priority list.
  • Love what they do, but need help to polish their message.
  • Want the public accountability of writing with others to keep them on track and motivated.
  • Want to work with a specialist communications writer who thrives on action, story, laughter and the occasional f-bomb.
  • Know what they need to do, but just don’t do it!


  • Monthly online half day (9.30-1pm) facilitated batch writing workshop
  • Monthly live (online) 1 hour facilitated group planning workshop to prepare for upcoming batches
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Extensive resources including training, Q&A sessions and worksheets
  • Weekly personal accountability check-ins
  • VIB discounts for Blue51 services including Content Blasts and Communications over Coffee
  • VIB discount and first dibs access to in-person full-day batch writing workshops

Band of Batchers is currently at full capacity and is not currently taking on new Batchers. The next intake is planned for June 2023. Please register your interest by emailing me via the contact page and I’ll let you know the second doors open!

In the meantime, my Write Here Right Now one day batch writing workshops might be right up your content alley?


Monthly instalments: $175 +GST x 10

About your Queen Batcher:

Hi, I’m Holly Cardamone, communications specialist, writer for business, Word Nerd extraordinaire and long term batcher. My business is Blue51 Communications, and I help people tell their story and grow their brand using beautiful communications. For the past two decades, I’ve drafted hundreds of thousands of words for people in business.

Whilst it’s in my Aussie-girl nature to be self-deprecating, I feel obliged to point out that I’m pretty damn good at what I do. I’m an unashamed and unabashed Word Nerd, with a Master of Writing and Literature and a Master of Arts in Communications to prove it. I use my love of language and my passion for communications to create messages and tactics that weave creativity with strategy.

I’m so incredibly excited to support your writing projects through Band of Batchers. I’ll help you clarify your messages and get to the essence of what you do through smart effective writing and storytelling. Alongside your fellow batchers, you’ll be encouraged, supported and motivated with dedicated time and professional guidance to not just Get. It. Done. and out there, but with content you’re actually proud to put your name behind!

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