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Writing a book is the bomb, no doubt about it. It’s a way to showcase your hard won expertise and experience and good old fashioned smarts. It’s a road to positioning your personal brand as the go-to in your space and it’s a way to share your story in a way that makes an impact. In terms of dollar, dollar bills, y’all- writing a book is one of the most powerful business cards you can use to price yourself into the stratosphere, if that’s your goal. Above all that, if your dad is anything like mine, it gives your family significant bragging rights.

Here’s the thing, though. Writing can be tough, excruciatingly so. Even Hemingway said ‘There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’ The thought of banging out 50,000+ words, words that anyone would actually want to read, can be as intimidating as you-know-what. Your ideas either dance just out of reach, or tumble over the top of each other in a confusing mess, or worse, you sit to write and your mind goes completely blank. Combine this with that unwanted hitchhiker, our inner editor who can be a real piece of work, whispering nasty things and eroding our confidence. The whole endeavour fills you with overwhelm, self-doubt and, most devastating of all, an unwritten book, an unmet goal.

How do you move from the goal of writing to the place of holding a book, your book, in your hot little hands? That’s where I come in!

Say hello to Book Lab, my book writing mentor program:

  • Set goals and milestones for writing your book
  • Track your progress
  • Proven tips, strategies and approaches to writing
  • Accountability, structure, encouragement and active Word Nerd support to get your book written

How it works:

Over the next three, six or nine months, we’ll work together to clarify your messages, find your voice, develop your story and turn your ideas into a well-considered, beautifully written book, punching common pitfalls like overwhelm and writer’s block in the throat in the process.

Each month, we catch up to bring your book to life:

  • We start with an intensive strategy session to clarify your goals, your story, your audience and the structure that will be the best platform for sharing your story.
  • Monthly reviews of your writing, almost as you write, with honest feedback and practical suggestions to make your book more compelling and effective, both structurally as well as stylistically.
  • One 1:1 45 minute zoom session to go deep on your work in progress- what’s working and what needs some writerly TLC, to bounce around your ideas and deepen your insights, cutting the fluff, to review where you’re at with your manuscript and to set goals for the month ahead.
  • Weekly email support.

Why write with me?

For the past two decades, I’ve drafted hundreds of thousands of words for people and I’ve drafted more pieces of content than I could possibly count, and not just because my maths brain is oft neglected.

Whilst it’s in my Aussie-girl nature to be self-deprecating, I feel obliged to point out that I’m pretty damn good at what I do. I’m an unashamed and unabashed Word Nerd, with a Master of Writing and Literature and a Master of Arts in Communications to prove it.

I use my love of language and my passion for communications to create messages and tactics that weave creativity with strategy.

Bottom line: I’ll simplify and demystify the writing process, help you set achievable, sustainable writing goals and give you a plan, (wo)man to get your book complete to a level that makes you positively giddy with pride- pride, I tell you! You see, Hemingway also said that ‘all first drafts are shit,’ or thereabouts, and that’s why working with me doesn’t end when you hit ‘the end’ on your first draft. That’s when we really get down and dirty with your manuscript and the real magic happens. Writerly glitter, am I right?

Who for:

  • Book Lab Writing Mentor program is perfect for people who:

  • Want to bring their dream of writing a book to life- but without the handwringing angst.

  • Like accountability, support, handholding and a gentle shove or two to keep you motivated and focused to drive the momentum to keep that word count ticking along.

  • Want to create something meaningful and purposeful, the absolute best book that you can write.

  • Want to write with the practical and inexhaustible support of a bona fide Word Nerd who will keep you on track and challenge and motivate you to push hard and write beautifully.

  • Likes to work collaboratively with a borderline-potty mouthed cheerleader with hands she aint afraid to clap and pearls just built for clutching. 

Monthly Inclusions:

  • One x 1:1 2 hour intensive strategy session (first session only).
  • One x 1:1 45 minute strategy zoom session.
  • Monthly reviews of work in progress.
  • Email support and accountability phone check ins.


$2500 +GST for three months of Book Lab- for people who want to fast track the process of moving from idea to book. It’s intensive, no doubt about it, but it’s certainly do-able!

$4750 +GST for six months of Book Lab- for people who’d like to space the writing process out over a longer period of time.

$6500 +GST for nine months- for people who need more time and space to write their book within the con-fines of their work, life and play- I’m looking at you, kids’ sporting responsibilities!

*Payment plan available and bonus place at a Write Here Right Now Batch Writing Workshop (value $275) if paid in full.

Tell your story is my tagline- let’s write yours. 

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