Communications over Coffee

Want someone to bounce around your ideas for your communications, and respond in a way that is practical and solutions-focused? Add some good {virtual} Melbourne coffee and we have a magical, audience-wooing combination! These sessions are an opportunity to pick my brain whilst you resist picking at my chocolate brownie through the zoom screen. JK, I don’t eat brownies, but if I did, you would be completely welcome to fight the urge to pick away!

My Communications over Coffee sessions are fun, motivating and productive. We bounce ideas, we brainstorm, we chat about your existing communications; how they’re travelling, and how they could be improved, tweaked or changed and we can explore future strategies. You’ll leave the session with clarity, direction and a renewed sense of love and inspiration for your business communications.


  • Pre-session Brand Story questionnaire for you to complete that details your brand, your vision, target audience and specific requirements to guide my research before we meet.
  • 45 minute 1:1 communications meeting delivered via Zoom
  • Ask me anything

Investment: $390+GST

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Writing for

You have a story to tell, you know it, but
every time you start to bang it out you think
‘oh sweet baby cheesus, how boring am I?’.
As your friendly neighbourhood Word
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entice your ever-supportive mother, let
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Communications Mentoring

In these power-packed communications mentoringsessions I’ll take a look over your existing communications and give you action-based recommendations, suggestions and tools to
remove your tongue-tie, get some
clarity in your communications, and get right to the core of your brand messages.

Not sure what you need?
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