Content bundle – Tell Your Story, Write Your Year Planner and Storytelling Prompt Cards

Pick a card, any card…

‘Stories told are infinitely more useful than stories left untold.’ Trent Dalton

To ask a question is to care. To answer it with a story is to connect. Writing and the step before that, storytelling, is a way to make sense of the things that move us, the mundane and the magical. Hell, storytelling finds the magical in the mundane. When we share our story we foster connection, inspiration and understanding. What could be more powerful than that, personally and professionally?

These storytelling prompt cards are a way to tap into deep, unfettered thinking. They’re a way to give yourself the permission to daydream, to remind yourself of who you are, what drives you, what enchants you. Beside that? Your stories that fall from the prompts will be the perfect foundations for your content marketing.

The cards are for people who:

  • Feel devoid of ideas about what to write for their blog or social media captions and/or videos to build their brand
  • Want to create a library of go-to stories to support their content marketing, presentations and speaking gigs that’s not formulaic or robotic
  • Want their writing to be reflective of who they are, what they do and how with the effectiveness that storytelling brings
  • Want to connect with their creativity through an old school card shuffle and brainstorm session.

Storytelling Prompt cards are a set of 52 cards, each with the potential to spark ideas upon ideas to help you tell your story. They’re a gentle nudge to your content writing practice and cover a wide range of questions and prompts to get your resting thinking face switched to ‘on’. Critical thinking for the win!

Writing with Moxie is chock-a-block full of practical tips and tricks to get people writing, and then writing better. With more than a handful of LOLs thrown in for good measure while navigating specific writing challenges and obstacles, you’ll learn how to write with moxie, minus the hand-wringing angst.

Interested in bulk orders? Please contact me to discuss.

Whether it’s writing or communications, content planning or brainstorming, my bundles are here to help you tell your story and grow your brand. Choose your bundle and get writing!

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Whether it’s writing or communications, content planning or brainstorming, my bundles are here to help you tell your story and grow your brand. Choose your bundle and get writing!


Inc GST and P&H

A message from Holly:

‘Can you tell me a story?’ It’s the plaintive bedtime plea both cherished and dreaded by parents. Remember those heady days of new friendship, or a blossoming romance when we want to know – and show – the deepest parts of ourselves, our stories? To ask a question is to show thoughtful curiosity and interest in action and to answer it through a story is to connect.

I wrote these storytelling prompt cards with both sides of my brain: the creative, inquisitive, connectedness side as well as the logical, strategic and ‘biz’ side. I work with so many people who feel either devoid of ideas about telling their story to grow their brand, or feel swept up in the pressure to show up, anxiously filling their content schedule with formulaic fluff. I see people in my Content Blast sessions almost literally light up when they reflect against the questions I pose and as they tell me their stories they reconnect with their purpose and their uniqueness. Of course, I turn that into a content plan, but the other layer to this is feeling deeply seen and heard. There’s magic in that!

My storytelling prompt cards aren’t just a ‘product.’ They’re something I believe will make a wonderfully positive impact across all facets of life. Of course, the stories that eventuate will be infinitely useful for writing content, but beyond that? There’s so much joy to be derived from a scribble session. Picture this: your face in the sun, a glass or a mug of something lovely beside you, a dog at your feet, some blank paper, a pen, a set of storytelling cards to shuffle and the stories within you. Bliss!

Happy storytelling,

Holly x

PS I’d love you to share with me how and where you’re using the prompt cards – yes, get them out of the box, take a happy snap and shoot it through to me @blue51_holly

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