Book bundle – Tell Your Story and Writing with Moxie

How to add the sparkle and banish boring

Let’s face it – a lot of brand and business writing isn’t great, is it? Rather than attract and compel, it distracts and repels. You know what it’s lacking? Moxie.

Writing with Moxie is an entertaining and informative dance across the writing techniques, devices and strategies cultivated and curated over twenty-plus years of writing professionally. It’s perfect for people who:

• Want to harness the power of good writing to grow their brand
• Want to build their writing toolkit
• Want their words to be a true reflection of their personality

Writing with Moxie is chock-a-block full of practical tips and tricks to get people writing, and then writing better. With more than a handful of LOLs thrown in for good measure while navigating specific writing challenges and obstacles, you’ll learn how to write with moxie, minus the hand-wringing angst.

Tell your story is the perfect book for people who are in the business of growing their brand, be it personal or professional, this super-actionable, solutions-focused guide provides motivation and practical support by the bucketload. It’s a funny, fresh and clever guide to communications, writing and branding storytelling. As readable as a novel, it’s packed from introduction to conclusion with ideas, suggestions, tips and strategies to tell your story and grow your business or influence with beautiful communications.

Interested in bulk orders? Please contact me to discuss.

Whether it’s writing or communications, content planning or brainstorming, my bundles are here to help you tell your story and grow your brand. Choose your bundle and get writing!

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