Praise Be

So, I don’t like to brag, but…
Oh, who am I kidding, my social media is one big bragfest!

For over a decade I’ve worked with people from organisations and businesses of all sizes as their communications and writing for business go-to gal. You name it, I can write it, and pretty much have, and have a damn good time doing so!


Holly is quite honestly one of the most talented communications experts I’ve ever worked with. In just a very short space of me blurting out the priorities, target market, and I’m sure hundreds of random irrelevant tad bits, Holly turned all of that into the most organised communications plan that I’ve ever seen that was straight to the heart of my service, wrapped in a step by step comms plan and has transformed how I think about social media, branding, and communications. In a very short space of time from implementing Holly’s plan, it’s already paid off. My only regret, not using her sooner!

~ Melitta Hardenberg | Senior Learning Leader Seek


I met Holly and immediately knew that we would work together. Her no nonsense, no BS, tell it like it is attitude made her feel like she was “one of my people”. It’s easy to see that you are dealing with a true professional who has years and years of experience and qualifications galore. She was generous with her time, continues to answer the questions we have and nothing is too much trouble. This woman rocks my world, every time I see her.

~ Emma McQueen


I couldn’t run my business without the wonderful Holly by my side. She understands my business inside and out and has a way with words like no one else does. My clients love the content she writes for my website and blogs. Such a professional lady who is gorgeous inside and out her works ethics are number one. I highly recommend Holly for all her content writing; search no further as she is the writer you need. Thank you Holly for all you do for me and my business.

~ Angela Sorpreso | BellaArtista Designs


Holly is a highly talented writer who not only knows her stuff inside and out but is also super fun and easy to work with. It’s hard finding someone who can get your voice and understand your message, but she always asks the right questions and as a result always nails the brief. I never hesitate to recommend her others and love any opportunity to work with her. Oh and did I mention she has an awesome sense of humour?
If you need a writer, get in touch with Holly!

~ Fi Mims | Fi Mims Photography


Holly helped me create an awesome content calendar for my business. I now have content ideas for years to come thanks to Holly and her amazing ability to be able to craft story ideas based on our conversations.

~ Sam McFarlane | Sam Says


Engaging a copywriter had been high on my list for over 2 years, for me it was all about connecting with the right person who could ‘talk in my voice’ online. When I first met Holly I was immediately drawn to her bubbly personality, razor sharp wit and soon learnt that she was a foodie too, a huge bonus.
I had finally found my word nerd!

I had been at a point in my business of feeling overwhelmed and ineffective with the amount of time spent marketing online and was seeking to learn how to better share my brand message. I was also keen to establish pillar content posts and be more considered with marketing strategies. Holly has helped me to get my branding message clear, after spending an afternoon working on a content blast strategy session – one thing I really liked and resonated with is how amazing Holly is at pulling information out of you whilst shooting the breeze over a cuppa!

I would highly recommend you engage Holly and Blue51 Communications if you are seeking to take your marketing communications to the next level whilst having a heap of fun along the way.

~ Jo Grist Holistic Business Coach


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Holly on this project. Instead of feeling we were dealing with an external contractor, the conversations and laughter we shared with Holly made her appear as one of our team. Put simply, she really got us!!!

~ Jen Ramage | Arrow Group


Holly single handedly took all the ‘stuff’ flying around in my brain and unpacked it so expertly into relevant, powerful content themes across my business. This roadmap enables me to take my ideas and produce targeted, on brand, valuable and entertaining content that my audience love to read. It is pure joy working with Holly. She is one of the smartest people I have ever met and gosh she is a crack up! What is not to love about a hysterically funny word-nerd?

~Nicole Vine | Nicole Vine Personal Stylist