Praise Be

So, I don’t like to brag, but…
Oh, who am I kidding, my social media is one big bragfest!

For over a decade I’ve worked with people from organisations and businesses of all sizes as their communications and writing for business go-to gal. You name it, I can write it, and pretty much have, and have a damn good time doing so!


Holly is quite honestly one of the most talented communications experts I’ve ever worked with. In just a very short space of me blurting out the priorities, target market, and I’m sure hundreds of random irrelevant tad bits, Holly turned all of that into the most organised communications plan that I’ve ever seen that was straight to the heart of my service, wrapped in a step by step comms plan and has transformed how I think about social media, branding, and communications. In a very short space of time from implementing Holly’s plan, it’s already paid off. My only regret, not using her sooner!

~ Melitta Hardenberg | Senior Learning Leader Seek


Holly single handedly took all the ‘stuff’ flying around in my brain and unpacked it so expertly into relevant, powerful content themes across my business. This roadmap enables me to take my ideas and produce targeted, on brand, valuable and entertaining content that my audience love to read. It is pure joy working with Holly. She is one of the smartest people I have ever met and gosh she is a crack up! What is not to love about a hysterically funny word-nerd?

~Nicole Vine | Nicole Vine Personal Stylist


Holly is a highly talented writer who not only knows her stuff inside and out but is also super fun and easy to work with. It’s hard finding someone who can get your voice and understand your message, but she always asks the right questions and as a result always nails the brief. I never hesitate to recommend her others and love any opportunity to work with her. Oh and did I mention she has an awesome sense of humour?
If you need a writer, get in touch with Holly!

~ Fi Mims | Fi Mims Photography


Holly was first recommended to me as the absolute best of the best, and top of her chosen field, so I already knew that I would be in good hands with Holly leading the way with our communications. My expectations were high, but working with Holly blew those high expectations out of the water! Holly has immaculate attention to detail, and a magical way of reading your thoughts and knowing your business even better than you do! She transforms words into art with utmost professionalism, accuracy and thoroughness, while bringing a beautiful personalised touch and heart-centred style of communication to speak directly to your audience and connect to the core message and mission of your business. 

Holly is also a brilliant connector and collaborator. She has helped my business in more ways than I could ever hope and dream for, connecting us with like-minded women in business to help each other grow. She is a creative, innovative, fun and fabulous fempreneur, helping business owners flourish! I have absolutely loved working with Blue 51 Communications, and am constantly searching for new ways to bring Holly into our business plan. She is laugh-out-loud funny, and an absolute joy to have as an integral part of my business.

If you are looking for communications gold to help your business thrive… Holly Cardamone has that Midas touch!

~ Farah Mak | The Self-Worth Movement


We recently worked with Holly for our business and we found the process incredibly helpful. Holly helped us map out our future communication goals but also gave us a clear plan on what to do moving forward. If you are starting out in business or simply need a tune up I would highly recommending speaking with Holly.

~ Caroline Brunne | Organise.Curate.Design


I would recommend Holly to people who want a communications person by their side each step of the way, someone who makes the effort to ‘get’ you, your passions, your ideas and who can then turn them into nuggets of pure gold that you can then turn into glitter (she hates glitter BTW) and spread the sh%* everywhere!

~ Julie Doyle | It’s Not a Hobby


I wanted to work with Holly because I knew I needed help with content but wasn’t really sure where to start. Holly took time to really understand me and my business and was able to translate our discussions into a detailed, organised content plan that really expresses what I want to say. I loved Holly’s warm and friendly approach to our work and was so impressed by her care and attention to detail. I have a content plan that I love and I’m so excited to put it into action! 

I’d recommend Holly to anyone who needs help with getting their thoughts onto paper in a creative and inspiring way!

~ Jo Hely | Insight Medical Careers


Holly helped me create an awesome content calendar for my business. I now have content ideas for years to come thanks to Holly and her amazing ability to be able to craft story ideas based on our conversations.

~ Sam McFarlane | Sam Says


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Holly on this project. Instead of feeling we were dealing with an external contractor, the conversations and laughter we shared with Holly made her appear as one of our team. Put simply, she really got us!!!

~ Jen Ramage | Arrow Group


I met Holly and immediately knew that we would work together. Her no nonsense, no BS, tell it like it is attitude made her feel like she was “one of my people”. It’s easy to see that you are dealing with a true professional who has years and years of experience and qualifications galore. She was generous with her time, continues to answer the questions we have and nothing is too much trouble. This woman rocks my world, every time I see her.

~ Emma McQueen


Holly is phenomenal! Her thoughtful and practical comms plan makes it so much easier for me as Business Manager to ensure activity is strongly aligned to our brand and key messaging. You can’t afford not to have this down to earth dynamo refine your edge!

~ Rhian Reed


I wanted to work with Holly to help me complete website content that I had been working on for years. Holly helped me by providing a finished product that was worded brilliantly but also really reflected on my branding, I felt so happy at the end of working with Holly with what she had written for me. One thing I liked was Hollys approach that nothings too hard or big a problem, she was funny and easy to work with and also made writing that is difficult for me to do easy. I felt so reassured working with her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing writing support.

~ Natalie Lazaroski | The Shellharbour Clinic


I wanted to work with Holly because I felt it was important to refine my message to be relevant to my audience. Holly helped me by defining clear pillars and messages for my content as well as a framework for delivering content that is interconnected.

After working with Holly I felt far clearer on my message, how it related to my market, and the way to deliver the most value to my audience. One thing I liked was Holly’s down to earth approach and get sh*t done attitude. I found the experience seamless and pain-free.

I would recommend Holly to people who need to refine their message and want a plan that easily executed.

~ Shane Williams


I needed to work with Holly as I felt I was going nowhere with my content strategy. Loved her approach so much – her research beforehand and really great targeted questions allowed me to get out of my own head to get down and dirty with the content. I would highly recommend Holly if you spend too much time thinking and too little time DOING!

~ Vicki Baker


I would recommend Holly to people who need to revamp their website but are not sure how to start or what to write without sounding like a show pony. She is highly professional, very personal and collaborated so efficiently to ensure that the wording and message in the content reflected the views and values of my business and who I am – thank you!

~ Fiona Beauchamp | Arbre Therapy


I’ve attended one of Holly’s Write Here Right Now batch writing days and cannot BELIEVE how much content I smashed out! It was amazing, and great to do with a bunch of other people who are working on their content too. I’ve also had Holly help me with her content blast. It’s such a great service – super valuable for a small business who is so busy working in their business it’s hard to step outside and talk about their business!

~ Debbie Wood | Deb Sketches


Engaging a copywriter had been high on my list for over 2 years, for me it was all about connecting with the right person who could ‘talk in my voice’ online. When I first met Holly I was immediately drawn to her bubbly personality, razor sharp wit and soon learnt that she was a foodie too, a huge bonus.
I had finally found my word nerd!

I had been at a point in my business of feeling overwhelmed and ineffective with the amount of time spent marketing online and was seeking to learn how to better share my brand message. I was also keen to establish pillar content posts and be more considered with marketing strategies. Holly has helped me to get my branding message clear, after spending an afternoon working on a content blast strategy session – one thing I really liked and resonated with is how amazing Holly is at pulling information out of you whilst shooting the breeze over a cuppa!

I would highly recommend you engage Holly and Blue51 Communications if you are seeking to take your marketing communications to the next level whilst having a heap of fun along the way.

~ Jo Grist Holistic Business Coach


I wanted to get greater reach and traction with my writing on LinkedIn.  Holly was recommended, her homework was thought provoking and fun and her interview was full of energy and positivity.  Then there was the Content Plan.  Wow!  Easy to follow, and it works. 1500 views up to 2500 then 4000 views in 2 months. Thank you Holly.

~ Brian Klindworth


If you need to get your content sorted in a way that showcases your skills, personality, product and services then Holly is your chick.  She is honest, super talented, funny and genuine.  She was able to put down in words a content plan for me that flowed and will make my writing feel effortless.  I can’t thank Holly enough and will definitely be coming back to her in the future!

~ Bel Colubriale


I had heard great things from other small business operators about working with Holly and my experience working with her was great too! She is VERY thorough and came up with lots of great content for me to work with, plus lots of extra tips and ideas I can use as well. I look forward to continuing to work with Holly through her writing workshops.

~ Megan Buntine

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