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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious brand? OK, I’m no Mary Oliver, but there’s only one way for your ideal audience to connect with your message, and that’s through consistent, cohesive and aligned communications.

It’s hard to be objective when it comes to your own business and how it looks from the outside, but do you have more than a sneaking suspicion that the messages you are sending out into the world aren’t quite hitting your ideal audience? What’s more, do you have the time to spend months upon months pondering about this strategy vs that, if your key messages are accurate, how you could make better use of your online marketing opportunities, or even if you’re taking advantage of the word of mouth marketing your clients are already doing on your behalf? How good would it be to spend a day immersed in your brand communications, bouncing around ideas, working out the what, when and how, deep diving into all the separate elements of telling your story? Can you imagine the momentum a day like that would bring?

Picture this: a whole day with a Communications Specialist/WordNerd creating your dream communications plan to connect you with your ideal audience, showcase your value and grow your brand.

My VIP Communications Kickstart package is a fantastic way to get some targeted, strategic momentum happening in your brand communications. It’s a day that’s completely and utterly dedicated to curing your communications ills and setting you up for the right actions to move your business. At the end of the day you’ll have a plan of attack that you’ll be excited to implement, and the best part? You’ll have complete clarity about what you need to do, who can do it for you (if you want to outsource) and how the communications we explore will meet your business goals.

How it works:

How good would it be to take a day out of your business to bounce around all your ideas, to work out the next steps and create a freaking awesome communications plan for now and into the future to kickstart your success?

  • Pre-VIP day you complete my Brand Story Questionnaire to guide my research before we meet.
  • Right on 9.30am we meet on Zoom, coffee within grasp (well, that’s me).
  • My brain is yours for the picking (such a horrible expression, but oh so apt!) as we deep dive into your chosen area (s) of focus for a couple of hours.
  • We stop and break for a yummo lunch together- which reminds me, even though this is virtual, I still shall feed thee- I am Italian, after all! Stay tuned…
  • We’ll spend the rest of the day powering through, brainstorming, plotting and scheming, creating your plan of attack.
  • We’ll wrap up at 3pm with a virtual here’s cheers, toasting an incredible day out of the day to day, bringing your communications dreams to life.

This is a one day intensive that is so, so much more than the one day we spend together bashing out your communications. Yes, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive communications plan for your business that details your target audience, key messages and ideal channels to meet your business vision and goals. Yes, your plan will give you a clear path to follow with tools, tactics and actions that will support your business with strong, effective, cohesive and consistent communications. More than that? You’ll also have a sense of enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation and excitement that comes with clarity and focus- it’s this clarity that drives momentum and in turn, results! 

Who for:

My VIP Communications Kickstart package is perfect for people who:

  • Know they have the makings of a beautiful brand, but have been so caught up in werk, werk, werk that they’ve had a scattergun approach to their communications, rather than strategic, thoughtful and aligned to broader goals.
  • Are sick of talking to themselves about all the opportunities and challenges that come with creating a communications plan of attack.
  • Value the role of communications to their brand, but need dedicated time and expert guidance to get it out of their head and into the world.
  • Love what they do, but need help to polish their message.
  • Want to work with a specialist communications writer who thrives on action, story, laughter and the occasional f-bomb.


  • One day 1:1 strategy workshop with full access to my highly educated and experienced Word Nerd brain.
  • Pre-session Brand Story questionnaire for you to complete before we meet to guide my research and maximise our time together.
  • A Communications Action Plan that distills all of the actionable tasks we establish.
  • 30 days of email support in case any ‘sorry, what?’ questions arise.
  • 1x 45 minute 1:1 follow up Zoom meeting one month later to see how you’re travelling, and for that extra dose of accountability.

Investment: $1500+GST

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