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People in business often have massive creativity, impeccable services and unique ideas, but a lot of business writing is bad. Excruciatingly so.

This book is for people who:

  • Feel too close to their work for the objectivity to share their message accurately and effectively in writing.
  • Know that their written words aren’t working as hard as they should.
  • Love what they do but need help to polish their message.
  • Find it really difficult to explain on paper both what they do, and the benefits they could genuinely bring to peoples’ lives.

The perfect book for people who are in the business of growing their brand, be it personal or professional, this super-actionable, solutions-focused guide provides motivation and practical support by the bucketload. It’s a funny, fresh and clever guide to communications, writing and branding storytelling. As readable as a novel, it’s packed from introduction to conclusion with ideas, suggestions, tips and strategies to tell your story and grow your business or influence with beautiful communications.

There’s no-one better placed than you to be telling your story. This book will give you a plan, (wo)man. A plan for you to go forth, and write like you are the Communications Director of your brand, because, let’s face it, you are.

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