Nail your voice to tell your story…

Have you ever met someone in real life who is a complete disconnect from their online or in writing persona? It’s decidedly disconcerting, even more disconcerting than my undying love of adverbs, if that’s possible. Sometimes people who are warm, funny, approachable, accessible and engaging in real life come across as overly formal, stuffy, forced …Read more

Has your mailing list has lost that lovin’ feeling?

So, your business has one hell of a mailing list, created and curated carefully over time through networking events, through opt ins, through beautifully designed and executed strategies.  Initially, you gave lots of thought and love to your list. You created an email communications strategy- aligned to your business’ broader communications strategic direction, of course- …Read more

Blue51 Show and Tell- Collaboration, not competition

How can a business join forces with colleagues in the same industry to grow not just a practice, but the awareness of a speciality? Today’s Blue51 Show and Tell gives an insight into a communications strategy to get industry colleagues enthusiastic about a business and what it offers a semi-shared audience. The project: Working with …Read more

Sprinkle good feedback like glitter

Remember my post about easy ways to extract feedback from clients that are testimonial-material? Have a quick read, I’ll wait… OK, so your survey built and sent out to clients? Had some coffees to get some verbal goodies? Pounced upon beautiful feedback given via email? Great! Now, let’s spread that good stuff like glitter across …Read more