Steal from fiction

Did you know that it’s not only novelists that can use the tools of fiction? Fiction tools are a secret weapon I love to use to craft unforgettable stories that make people want to read on and on and on times infinity. Tools of fiction are equally applicable to brand...

Process vs Product

Process vs Product Do you know the secret to good, compelling writing? Yes, it’s clever syntax, clear messaging and audience alignment. More than all of that, it’s giving a flying you-know-what about the way you’re crafting a message, ie the act of writing, as well as...

Storytelling in action: a plea against winging it

In writing, and in life more generally, there are two types of people: planners and pantsters. Planners like to lay out a structured, logical roadmap to a desired end state, while pantsters prefer a more whimsical journey where they fly by the seat of their pants. It...
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