Sprinkle good feedback like glitter

Remember my post about easy ways to extract feedback from clients that are testimonial-material? Have a quick read, I’ll wait… OK, so your survey built and sent out to clients? Had some coffees to get some verbal goodies? Pounced upon beautiful feedback given via email? Great! Now, let’s spread that good stuff like glitter across …Read more

Feel Like Giving Your Digital Content Marketing Away?

Every now and then an article pops up that sharing free content is a dead strategy, that it’s a waste of valuable time and energy and has very little benefit to a business’ bottom line. As a communications specialist, a writer for business and someone who works in digital communications and marketing every day- ERRY …Read more

How To Write a Killer Media Release

A well-written media release that’s IRRESISTIBLE to journos is such a fantastic communications tool to build your brand awareness, and enhance your credibility as as expert in your field. Free publicity, people! There’s some key elements in writing a killer media release: Newsworthiness: Why would a journalist be interested in promoting your business? Journos aren’t …Read more

How to Create a Bloody Awesome Annual Report

Can you feel it in the air? The temperatures are rising, as I leave for the gym the sky is getting lighter and one of my best friends is runny-eyed and sneezing, cursing the blossom. It’s Spring Down Under! It’s also Annual Report season, and annual report copywriting projects are a regular feature of my …Read more

How to write a killer photography shoot brief

An image bank is an incredible asset for a business. Evocative photos that capture it’s essence, it’s strengths and it’s point of difference can be used across a multitude of tools and tactics for a multitude of sins…or not… I shared the amazing images from two recent client projects in this post and in this …Read more

Communications Superhero…

That’s me, folks, according to my wonderful client last week at our regular contact briefing as she/we implement her communications plan to support the launch of her new business. I was so chuffed I’m thinking I might change my business cards. Holly Cardamone. Communications Superhero. Has a good ring to it, does it not? Running …Read more