What’s your brand’s pronoun?

In communications, brand voice is critical to connection. Voice is a reflection of brand personality and persona and influences the way a brand connects with an audience and vice versa. When working with a client on their communications, their voice is one of the first things I audit, and as a writer, pronouns are essential …Read more

Track and measure; track and measure!

Track and measure; measure and track. It’s something I bang on about All. The. Time. Seriously, I bore myself, but tracking and measurement is so essential to my communications that I feel more than slightly jittery when clients tell me that they’ve never looked at their Google Analytics. *shudders involuntarily then vomits into a handbag, …Read more

Do you attach goals to your communications?

Communications are essential to a successful, sustainable business. Actually, scrap that- good communications are what’s required. How do you know if they’re good? Sometimes, when I’m working with a new communications client, they’re quite unclear about their communications performance. Often, they know what worked, whilst they think other activities or tactics were a waste of …Read more

Who are you talking to?

Ugh, surely not another small biz blog post about writing a target audience avatar? Hells, no! As they say in the classics, and on my Facebook feed about a gazillion times a day, ‘aint nobody got time for that!’ Look, I can’t deny that I do a happy dance when a new writing client has …Read more

Are you your industry’s best kept secret?

I have a fabulous content writing client who is twelve months into running her own consulting business post-corporate life. She is incredible at what she does, gets fantastic results for her clients yet feels her work is very much still a secret. No-one knows who she is and what she does, much less that she …Read more

Communications clarity

Every day, I work with people with amazing businesses, messages and audiences, but unfortunately, there’s very little alignment between the three! That’s where I come in- my role is to create communications strategies that will connect the right people with the right message, thus growing a business. Throw in some storytelling (ah, my favourite) and …Read more

Communications inspo overload

People are often so caught up in the day to day of operating their business that they find themselves in a scattergun pattern of communications. Much, much more effective is a strategic and thoughtful communications plan that’s aligned to broader business goals and has audience and messages at the core. Good communications facilitates and enables …Read more

Raise some hell

Isn’t Facebook having a hard time lately? If I had to hazard a guess, and you know I want to, I’d say every communications university program across the country, well, across the world, probably, includes Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent in their curriculum. It’s all very intellectual and interesting- here’s the Wiki version- but the basic …Read more

Bring out the big guns

Like a true Type A, I really enjoy working with clients to make sure their communications and marketing plans closely align to their strategic business plans, and that the messages they send out effectively reach the people they most wish to connect with. Many people I work with have distinct goals and strategies for their …Read more