Why Blue51? The story behind my business name

It’s interesting- at least once a month I’m asked about the story behind my business name, Blue51 Communications. I’m a sucker for a good brand story myself- or any story, really- hence my business tagline- tell your story. Before we can deep dive into the why, let’s do a quick skate over the what.   …Read more

Some of my favourite non-fiction reads…

Each December for the past two years, as the summer holidays approach, I start getting messages that become increasingly pushier from people wanting my latest best reads list to plan out their summer reading. In 2016, I started publishing a list of my favourite reads from the year before, and if the antsy messages in …Read more

The road to living a life on my own terms

AKA turning my back on the hustle Did you know that at Blue51HQ Monday = HollyDay? It’s an offical thing, decreed in blue texta on an A4 sheet of paper. A new one, in fact, not even a recycled one that I usually reserve for scribbles. That’s how important it is to me.  Maybe it’s …Read more

My five favourite business books- well, kinda…

Those of you playing along at home will know that each year, for the past three years, I publish a list of the best reads I’ve enjoyed. Some of the books are new, some are new to me, some are those I reread every couple of years because I just love them so, so much. …Read more

Introducing The Proust Questionnaire- as completed by Holly!

Have you heard about The Proust Questionnaire? I first came across it in 2003 when I was completing my Master of Arts in Professional Writing and Literature and I was spellbound. My Creative Non-Fiction lecturer showed it to us as a fantastic way of getting to the heart of an interview subject. It wasn’t created …Read more

My top 10 reads of 2018

Oh, it’s that magical time of year again when I dive deep into my memory banks to relive the books that I’ve loved best this past year. Those of you playing along at home will know that each year, I keep a running diary of the books I read, and at the end of the …Read more