Write a better business bio

So, it’s no secret that the power of words is at the heart of what I do as a communications specialist. I love writing in all guises, and in terms of writing for business, about pages have a special place in my cold, dark Word Nerd heart. About pages are an opportunity to turn someone’s …Read more

Apostrophe 101

How to use an apostrophe? Let me count the ways… As a communications specialist, writer for business, and a person completely besotted with the english language, aka Word Nerd, nothing quite does my head in like seeing marketing materials littered with incorrect spelling, bad grammar and wayward apostrophes. If I’m wandering down the street, thoughts …Read more

Win them back with beautiful business writing

Every contact a business or organisation has with an audience is an opportunity to knock off socks with good communications, Dr Suess vibe optional, of course.  I have a number of clients with member-based businesses (think gyms, educational services, peak bodies) and renewal and retention is an ongoing process which can be delicate at the …Read more

My 101 guide to content ladders

Every now and then, a rumour pops up about online content- blogging to be specific- being dead and buried as a communications tactic. Video is EVERYTHING. Must embrace video! Writing is BS. Speaking of BS- what a load of crock! Blogging, and content marketing in general is freaking fabulous and so incredibly powerful as a …Read more

Compelling copy that turns boring to sexy

Yep, there’s no denying it- I’m bringing sexy back. OK, that’s more than a bit of an embellishment, but I often have clients tell me they struggle with their business writing projects because they think their industry is boring. There’s a well known saying, so well known I can’t recall who said it, other than …Read more

Lessons from NANOWRIMO for content marketing

Ah, November, that most magical time of the year for word nerds around the globe. Why? It’s the annual 30 days of insanity that is NANOWRIMO. It’s a strange acronym, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. The basic premise is to write 1666 words a day, every day, for thirty days, resulting in a …Read more

You’re on record- quick tips for interview gold

  Did you know that almost all of my clients complete a questionnaire as part of my onboarding process? It’s basically a way for me to get to know a client’s business, goals and plans in order for me to provide the best possible communications advice, writing services or social media support. The questionnaire is …Read more

How to write a bloody good flyer

A promotional flyer can be a fantastic tool in your strategic communications toolkit- as long as it’s part of a broader strategy, of course and not a random letterbox drop. Ugh… Here’s some pointers to write a fabulous flyer that promotes your business- ‘write’ being the key word in this sentence. I’m a big believer …Read more

Affiliate and influencer marketing minus the ick

Influencer and affiliate marketing is massive, and it’s application ranges from the dare I say it, authentically good, to the god-awful- still authentically, though maybe unintentionally. Yes, I’m looking at you, flogger of those insanely long sales email campaigns spruiking someone else’s product, because without it you never would have had your first twelve figure …Read more