Turning fabulous feedback into wonderful content

How well do you know your audience? It’s a question that many people balk at. However, when we know our audience, what makes them tick, and what makes them ick, then we can write to them in a way that’s compelling and attractive aka the holy grail of content...

Tone of voice – the secret sauce to brand writing that connects

Content marketing is incredibly powerful because it builds connections over time. As you share your message through clever content, people get to know you through the stories you tell and the expertise you share. But – is it you?    Dr Maya Angelou said it...

Apostrophes minus the angst

For the love of all we hold precious in this world, would people just stop shoving apostrophes where they’re not needed? If I’m meandering down a street, thoughts of sugary decadent indulgence in my mind, and I see a cafe with a chalkboard proclaiming, ‘Our brownie’s...
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