Say hello to my new logo!

Like the plumber with leaky taps, for over two years I had ‘visual rebrand’ on my to-do list, but two weeks ago I put a lovely big line through that little item. How good does it feel to tick off a nagging task? I love working with designers, those creative, yet strategic masterminds. They know …Read more

It’s An Honour To Be Nominated

Last week I was invited to speak at the Monash Business Awards April Networking lunch as a part of my successful nomination for the micro-business category. Below is the bare bones of what I shared in my presentation: Hi, I’m Holly. I’m a communications advisor, a writer, a social media specialist, a word nerd, and I’m …Read more

Editorial Calendars Made Simple

Content marketing, am I right? It’s so hot right now, and no doubt the main biz advice screeching at you in your social media feeds is telling you to get your content out there in the world, and tout sweet! Guess what- the hype is true. Digital marketing, with a strong content focus, is incredibly …Read more