How to put the social in social media

Hey guess what? Social media is a communications tool for connection! Can you believe it? It’s a (relatively) easy way for people (aka your potential clients) to connect with you, your business and your brand and discover over time who you are and what your superpowers are. Here’s the kicker though- it’s not a one …Read more

Feedback- the gorgeous, the average and the truly god-awful

Data from clients (aka feedback) is essential. It helps people in business refine and create services, products and content that people can connect with and stay on top of your clients’ direct needs. Basically, feedback from clients is your litmus test for your business’ performance, and when it’s great feedback that indicates the value that …Read more

On Point Writing Habits

As someone who writes for both business and for fun, I’ve learnt a few tricks and tips when it comes to establishing good writing habits, habits that turn musings and scribbles on post its into strong communications. Here’s some strategies and habits to adopt to improve your writing: Read like a mofo: Apologies if you …Read more

Entice People Around Your Website

Creating a website is a massive project. A whole ton of blood, sweat and tears go to each step of a website build, from the copywriting, the design and structure, the coding and the visuals and branding, to finding the perfect photo for your about page. Do you have beautiful website? Have you created an …Read more