How To Write a Killer Media Release

A well-written media release that’s IRRESISTIBLE to journos is such a fantastic communications tool to build your brand awareness, and enhance your credibility as as expert in your field. Free publicity, people! There’s some key elements in writing a killer media release: Newsworthiness: Why would a journalist be interested in promoting your business? Journos aren’t …Read more

4 Fantastic Reasons to Write Guest Blog Posts…

Providing guest blog posts for other businesses is a fantastic tactic for online marketing and to promote your business, for four main reasons: 1- It allows you to build your brand, as well as the perception that you are a person who knows their stuff when it comes to your speciality. By sharing your ideas, …Read more

Taming the Content Marketing Beast…

Or how I went from a gazillion post-its to a strategic, easy to implement plan of attack. You know the plumber with leaky taps? A year ago, that was me, but swap ‘plumber’ for ‘word nerd’ and ‘leaky taps’ for ‘abandoned content marketing.’ I was simply too busy doing client work to get my own …Read more

Three Simple Ways to Smash a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is such a bloody incredibly powerful communications tool- no doubt about it, and the Facebook Ads capabilities are the bee’s bloody knees. Apologies for my semi-profanity (oh I have so much more in my arsenal, alas) but when a tool seems to be created with the sole purpose of making a communications geek’s life …Read more