Why Blue51? The story behind my business name

It’s interesting- at least once a month I’m asked about the story behind my business name, Blue51 Communications. I’m a sucker for a good brand story myself- or any story, really- hence my business tagline- tell your story. Before we can deep dive into the why, let’s do a quick skate over the what.   …Read more

Tell your story- Jen from Arrow Group

My goodness, I love sharing my clients’ stories via The Proust Questionnaire! Today we have gorgeous Jen from Arrow Group. Arrow Group is a boutique recruitment and HR business in Melbourne’s beautiful East.  The Proust Questionnaire by Jen Ramage, Arrow Group What is your idea of perfect happiness? To enjoy good health and be able …Read more

Blue51 Show and Tell- Content Clarity

So many ideas; so little time! Blogging is such a fantastic way to tell your story and grow your business. Like any communications tactic, blogging and content marketing is most effective when delivered within a strategy, and not just for the sake of it.  Today’s Blue51 Show and Tell is an overview of working with …Read more

Why I love a good old fashioned copy deck

Have you ever worked with a copy deck? I do, all the time, and haven’t really thought much about it as a process. It’s just what I do. Recently, I handed over a writing project to a client and her response was less about the content (it was fantastic, naturally 😉 ) but she really, …Read more

Some of my favourite non-fiction reads…

Each December for the past two years, as the summer holidays approach, I start getting messages that become increasingly pushier from people wanting my latest best reads list to plan out their summer reading. In 2016, I started publishing a list of my favourite reads from the year before, and if the antsy messages in …Read more