My 101 guide to content ladders

Every now and then, a rumour pops up about online content- blogging to be specific- being dead and buried as a communications tactic. Video is EVERYTHING. Must embrace video! Writing is BS. Speaking of BS- what a load of crock! Blogging, and content marketing in general is freaking fabulous and so incredibly powerful as a …Read more

Raise some hell

Isn’t Facebook having a hard time lately? If I had to hazard a guess, and you know I want to, I’d say every communications university program across the country, well, across the world, probably, includes Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent in their curriculum. It’s all very intellectual and interesting- here’s the Wiki version- but the basic …Read more

Bring out the big guns

Like a true Type A, I really enjoy working with clients to make sure their communications and marketing plans closely align to their strategic business plans, and that the messages they send out effectively reach the people they most wish to connect with. Many people I work with have distinct goals and strategies for their …Read more

Holding a mirror to your communications

How does your business look from the outside? It’s really, really difficult to look objectively at one’s own business communications.*  Your business communications are broader than your services, products or offerings. They speak to your strengths, your experience and the benefits you offer. All your business communications- your copy, logo, website, emails and social media- …Read more

Compelling copy that turns boring to sexy

Yep, there’s no denying it- I’m bringing sexy back. OK, that’s more than a bit of an embellishment, but I often have clients tell me they struggle with their business writing projects because they think their industry is boring. There’s a well known saying, so well known I can’t recall who said it, other than …Read more