Banish Boring

There’s a well known saying, so well known I can’t recall who said it, but it goes a little something like this: ‘There are no boring topics, just boring writers.’ Firstly, ouch. Secondly, I absolutely agree, but making a potentially boring topic exciting can be a challenge. One of my clients is a peak body for …Read more

Outsourcing- or the art of throwing money at a problem

Today, I am drafting a newsletter for a client, a regular gig of mine. My client is a peak body with a strong advocacy role and an extensive member list. Like any business or organisation, clear communications is crucial for keeping their members informed, but like many advocacy organisations their resources are limited. The newsletter is a …Read more

Why Blue51?

I’m often asked about the story behind the name Blue51 Communications. Whilst I’ve helped many a client tell their brand story, I’ve never actually told my own story of how the name Blue51 Communications came to be. Blue51 Communications started life as Holly Cardamone Communications and Freelance Writing.  After a decade working with a diverse range of …Read more

Welcome to Blue51 Communications- the blog!

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. This is a place where I share my experience, knowledge and thoughts on communications- the good, the bad and the truly hideous. I am very excited to launch this space. My intention is simple- to blog about the work I do with my fabulous clients, my communications strategies that keep …Read more