February lovin’…

Why, hello February! You kind of snuck up on me there, didn’t you. I think you may have snuck up on a lot of people, judging by all the ‘February, what the?’ posts I’m seeing in my social media feeds. January is all sunshine, water, blue skies and being outdoors, so February must be all …Read more

New Year, New Plan

In the last quarter of 2014 I found myself developing communications plan after communications plan for clients wanting to get a head start on 2015 communications strategies. My clients have distinct goals and strategies for their business or organisation, but felt like they were lacking the communications skills to showcase what they do in a …Read more

Happy Birthday Blue51 and Hello 2015

Last week marked not only my first week back at work after the deliciousness of summer holidays, but also the first birthday of Blue51 Communications. It was an incredibly busy, exciting, and sometimes challenging twelve months, but I loved every minute working with my fantastic clients and colleagues. There were many highlights and milestones in my …Read more

The ‘How’ of engaging a communications specialist…

Here at Blue51 HQ I have great admiration and respect for those I call number-nerds- those peeps who take random bits of data and turn them into budgets, P&L statements and other ye-olde-spreadsheet-y type documents. As a word-nerd, there’s no way I presume to have the skills and expertise to have an adequate handle on …Read more

Out of the blue…

Last week, I blogged about using annual member renewal notices as an opportunity to reconnect, or to show some love. I’m not a Business Development Manager, not by any stretch of the imagination, but as a communications specialist I do examine target audiences and key stakeholders, and sometimes see potential targets that my clients hadn’t considered. In that …Read more