Blogging is an incredibly effective online marketing tool, and one which I believe almost every business could use and have fantastic results. Here’s why:

1- Blogging keeps the Google gods happy.

All that delicious fresh content drives traffic back to your website.

2- Blogging feeds your social media content calendar.

Scratching your head for content? Share your blog post, share excerpts or fab quotes from your blog posts, and get your followers excited about what’s coming up next in your blogging schedule.

Another bonus? Readers can share your posts (either direct from your website or from your social media channels) with their followers, and boom- there’s a gazillion extra eyes on your blog.

3- Blogging offers an amazing Call to Action opportunity.

Yes, you have a contact us page, but there’s something much more compelling about a well-written case study blog post. Your blog can give you the means by which to encourage people can join your list (AKA- ‘want to know more? Join my mailing list and receive my pearls of wisdom direct to your inbox!’)  or work with you.

4- Blogging positions you as an expert.

Create helpful, useful and entertaining content that answers your ideal questions and frustrations, consistently, and you’ll be front of mind when they think ‘now, who is the expert when it comes to …’

5- Blogging allows you to talk directly to your ideal client.

Blogs are an ideal way to communicate with your ideal client to share your story and to promote your work. Use your voice to show them that you ‘get’ them, and allow them to ‘get’ you.

6- Blogging gives you a chance to write.

Hands on heart, this is my favourite reason out of all of the above. Just as sleep begets sleep (or so I’m told), writing begets writing. The best way- and the only way- to become a better writer is to write. Writing is a critical skill for any business. Think about the amount of writing you do on any given day, even emails, and all of these written forms of communication reflect upon you as a person and as a business. Get it write- oops, I mean right!

I love blogging, and writing blog posts for businesses is one of my favourite services. Interested in pursuing blogging as a marketing strategy for your freelance business? I’d love to work with you- just give me a buzz or an email.

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This is a post in my blog series  about freelance life. Each month I share information, hacks and ideas about running a freelance business. If there’s something specific you’d like to know, please shoot me an email or give me a buzz, and I’ll do my best to help, or address it in an upcoming blog post or on my social media platforms- follow the links!

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