I’m often asked about the story behind the name Blue51 Communications. Whilst I’ve helped many a client tell their brand story, I’ve never actually told my own story of how the name Blue51 Communications came to be.

Blue51 Communications started life as Holly Cardamone Communications and Freelance Writing.  After a decade working with a diverse range of clients and a fantastic team of freelancers, it was obvious that the personalised business name was no longer relevant nor accurate. The ten year anniversary was the perfect opportunity for a rebrand and a refresh. Out came a large sheet of white paper, some coloured markers and the ideas flowed.

The bare principle I wanted for my new business name was a reflection of my core values. I wanted to be professional, but not overly corporate, reflecting my boutique status. I wanted creativity, vivacity, warmth, spirit and authenticity. I wanted integrity, a sense of fun, a splash of gorgeousness and a decent whack of spunk. It was whilst on holidays, reflective and serene, that the word ‘blue’ kept rising to the forefront. Blue water, blue skies, blue cocktails. Blue is calming and ordered yet makes an indisputable impact. Think of a splash of blue against a white backdrop, or the slash of a white cloud on a blue sky. Packs a punch, yes?

Without getting too esoteric or woo-woo (soooo not me!), blue is the colour of water, the sea and the sky with all the associated symbolic references of calm, peace, stability, security and loyalty. It’s associated with depth and stability, symbolising trust, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and integrity. Whilst in my communications I make sure cliches are avoided like the plague (get it, see what I did there?), they often have a basis in an elemental truth. Blue skies are emblematic of optimism, creativity and opportunity and are full of positive meaning in almost every culture- after all, we live on the blue planet. It was decided- the word blue had to be front and centre of my refreshed business name.

As for the meaning of 51, I wish I could give you a symbolic reference to the deeper intention of numerology but alas. They’re a pair of numbers that are the respective favourites of two Blue51 cherubs I know.

Business names and brands have a compelling story. If you’d like our help with telling yours, contact me.

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