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As a writer, I do love a good metaphor, and as a communications advisor, there’s not much I love more than helping my clients fill their funnels. Why? In basic terms, a funnel is the path a person takes on the journey towards working with you. The purpose of all communications, marketing and sales activity is to guide your prospects along a determined (by you) path with multiple entry points, with a specific destination that is closely aligned to your broader business goals.

Today’s Blue51 Show and Tell gives an insight into the communications strategy I created for a client to fill her funnel to bursting to subsequently fill her online relationships programs for couples and for singles.

The project:

A communications strategy to promote an online relationships course.

The client:

The Relationships Workshop provides events and workshops for both couples and singles to learn the skills and strategies for successful relationships. The Relationship Workshop has a relatively well-established brand, a robust current and former client database and an active Facebook presence, all developed independent of a strategic, overarching communications plan.  The Relationship Workshop planned to add online program delivery to the suite of services and wanted a strategic communications plan to support the launch of the online program.

The client’s target audience:

The Relationship Workshop’s audience for the strategy were identified primarily as women- although the programs are applicable to men and to women, women tend to be the key drivers and purchasers of programs.

The approach:

The Relationships Workshop and I met for my Clean Up Your Communications service, my power-packed and solution-focused 60 minute communications advising session to get clarity in communications, and get right to the core of the business messages. We bounced around ideas in a way that is practical and solutions-focused, and the pre-session questionnaire completed by The Relationships Workshop guided my research before we met, which maximised our time together. We got straight down to the nitty-gritty of the optimum communications to get virtual bums on virtual seats at The Relationship Workshops’ online course.

The communications objective was to raise awareness of the availability of online training and to fill the sales funnel with highly-motivated potential clients.  We achieved this through the following strategies:

  • An intensive social media strategy with a focus on Facebook, including daily posting (minimum), a schedule of Facebook lives addressing key messages, key benefits and FAQs, and the creation of a closed Facebook group.
  • A tweak to the existing Instagram activity including updating the bio with a strong call to action that sends visitors to landing page, aligning content more tightly to Facebook content, and sharing posts (with full accreditation) of ‘like’ businesses such as wedding photographers, date night venues, jewellery etc
  • Online networking in business and relationship Facebook groups that included the target audience.
  • Development on mailing list building activities including a five day challenge.
  • an eDM campaign to existing and former clients to tell them about online course, and ask them to forward information about program.
  • Exploring collaborative opportunities with aligned businesses.
  • Optimise the b’jesus out of the existing website and landing pages.

The results:

It’s early days, but my client has been flat chat implementing the strategies we determined, and had a super robust cohort of attendees in her first online program- a fabulous result for something so new, and so relatively groundbreaking.

Tell me, do you feel like your communications are creating a constant trickle of prospective clients into your sales funnel or are you feeling a little blocked? Please get in touch– I’d love to help out.


This is a post in my Blue51 Show and Tell blog series . Each month, I share some of the projects I’m working on for my fabulous clients. I can’t wait to show you both the work we’re producing, as well as the amazing results they’re achieving in their businesses. 

There’s more unabashed bragging on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. If there’s something specific you’d like to know, please shoot me an email or give me a buzz, and I’ll do my best to help.

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