One thing I’m told time and time again by clients, is that I have the ability to turn their notebooks of ideas into communications that presents their business in the best possible light. As much as I love writing, and I do, oh how I do, I really love strategic communications. The process of transforming a client’s hopes, dreams, loves and hates of their business into communications that makes sense to them, their business, and appeals to their dream client is such a fantastic one, and a part of my role as a communications coach that gives me the warm and fuzzies every time. EVERY TIME, I tell you!

Today’s Blue51 Show and Tell is an overview of my communications coaching process with a beautiful new business.

The project:

The launch of Dance and Drama Directions.

The client:

Dance and Drama Directions provides performing arts workshops for children across the breadth of their education- in early childhood services, primary school and secondary school. The workshops are incursions that are purposefully designed to support the relevant curriculum within the specific setting and stage of childhood development.

The client’s target audience:

Dance and Drama Direction’s target audience is educators and directors of kindergartens, as well as early years coordinators at primary schools.

The approach:

Gosh, it’s been fun working with this beautiful business! I was incredibly thrilled (and lucky!) to be approached by the director in the very early stages of the business establishment to support the branding and communications development. Right from the start there was commitment to a communications and marketing approach that was strategic, thoughtful and aligned to business goals.

We had such a great time bouncing around ideas and strategies to make the right communications calls to really generate a buzz and get their ideal client connecting with their business.  Whilst I do love a chat and a giggle (just a smidge), my communications coaching sessions are laser-focused with clear end goals in sight. For this specific client in the start-up phase, brand awareness was the immediate goal, and to support this, I created a strategic and easy to execute communications strategy  targeted to their ideal client (educators), with beautifully clear key messages and the ideal channels to communicate these. Dance and Drama Directions’ resulting communications plan integrated strategy with tools, activities and evaluation methods, and the business is supported by strong, effective, cohesive and consistent communications.

The results:

Getting in front of educators who work unorthodox (ie cray-cray) hours was always going to be a challenge, so the online space is critical. Armed with an amazing logo (created by Brand In Glove) and some pretty sensational copywriting  *she blushes, then flutters her eyelashes because it’s true*, Dance and Drama Directions launched a fantastic website, and secured their social media real estate with a banging social media strategy based upon both learning outcomes and emotional connections. We supplemented online efforts with attendance at educator conferences and expos, where Dance and Drama Directions could meet face to face with educators, and talk about their incredible performing arts incursions in the educator’s own (jargonistic) language. It’s early days, in fact not even a year, but Dance and Drama Directions have a steadily growing mailing list, and educators from across Melbourne are booking workshops for not only the little people in their care, but for their staff as well as professional development.

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: I love communications! It’s such a fantastic feeling to work with a business to ensure their communications are hitting their mark, are strategic, well-planned and powerful. And when part of the job is overseeing a photoshoot full of smiling, engaged kids, it’s simply next level fun.

If you’d like to bounce around some communications for your business please get in touch– I’d love to help out.

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This is a post in my blog series  about Blue51 Show and Tell. Each month, I share some of the projects I’m working on for my fabulous clients. I can’t wait to show you both the work we’re producing, as well as the amazing results they’re achieving in their businesses. 

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