That’s me, folks, according to my wonderful client last week at our regular contact briefing as she/we implement her communications plan to support the launch of her new business. I was so chuffed I’m thinking I might change my business cards. Holly Cardamone. Communications Superhero. Has a good ring to it, does it not?

Running a business isn’t always as pretty as Instagram makes it out- mine certainly isn’t all barista art and inspirational slogans. So much in the day to day is solving problems- for your clients, and for yourself. If you don’t have the skills, the expertise or even the time to showcase your business effectively, then engaging a communications consultant on a project or an ongoing basis according to your needs is an easy way to solve a problem that no doubt takes you away from your core business.

My communications consulting packages are specifically designed for businesses that need a communication specialist to support them through a specific project or a business milestone. I also work with clients on a quarterly basis to provide a regular check in.

As a Communications Superhero I offer practical communication support for your business or project:

  • I ensure you have the most appropriate, effective and targeted communication strategies in place to support your business goals.
  • I provide communications direction and focus.
  • Best of all, I remove yet another ‘should do’ from your overflowing to-do list.

Basically, I’m an expert that gives you a fresh and honest appraisal of your communications, leaving you feeling confident and excited to move forward with your business plans, clear in their direction and supported in their implementation.

Does your communications need saving? I’m an official* Communications Superhero. Get in touch and I’ll apply my communications awesomeness to your business.

*not really official in the ‘official’ sense of the word, but still a superhero.

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