Last week marked not only my first week back at work after the deliciousness of summer holidays, but also the first birthday of Blue51 Communications. It was an incredibly busy, exciting, and sometimes challenging twelve months, but I loved every minute working with my fantastic clients and colleagues. There were many highlights and milestones in my first twelve months as Blue51 Communications- I worked with some new businesses and long-established NFPs, I helped my clients reach achieve results well exceeding expectations (theirs and mine, in some cases) and worked on some incredibly fabulous campaigns and projects., Seriously, who wouldn’t be feeling all warm and fuzzy?

So, hello 2015, you gorgeous thing, you. I’m looking forward to another year of creating, writing and helping phenomenal people use communications to tell their stories, to make their mark and to, well, how do I put this delicately? Oh yes, the reason we’re all in business- to make some money.  Thanks for all your support and bring on 2015!