I’ve just started working with a client on an exciting project that is based on one of my greatest loves- storytelling. I can’t go into too much detail at this early stage, but basically, we are showcasing my client’s services by creating narratives that celebrate individual stories. Sufficiently vague enough for you?

The outcomes of the project will be a set of stories that my client will use for their ongoing marketing, PR and communications. They’ll be aligned to brand and to their overall business goals, but broader than that, this set of communications materials will reflect the heart of the business. Giving communications materials some love and attention can yield incredible results- I have no doubt that the stories will be much more powerful tools than the business’ service menu which will contain much of the same information, but without the colour, the love and the story.

Blue51 Communications works with clients to use communications to distil the very core, or the heart of what they do. The core of what I do as a communications consultant and writer is to use communications principles to turn words, information and data into stories- stories that move, stories that sell, stories that mean something. Good communications tell a compelling story, and I love telling stories.

If you have a tale to tell, I’m your gal.  You bring the plot, characters and setting, I’ll bring the quill-  get in touch.

Please note- rhyming as per the first sentence in the above sentence is not one of my usual services, but hey, the client is always right, so they say. Also, I don’t have a quill. Please don’t judge me.

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