Ten fabulous blog posts for communications TLC

I love blogging! It’s such a fabulous way to connect, educate and inform. As a medium, blogging is fabulous for writers for the immediacy of publishing as well as the (relative!) ease. This has been another big year for my writing overall, and my content strategy more specifically, as I brought it to life with my Write Your Year Content Planner – no more death by sticky notes! I’ve also written a ton for my clients, and this year I launched a new book and a deck of storytelling prompt cards. I held space for wonderful writers to sit down and get their content belted out at five Write Here Right Now batch writing days and ten Band of Batchers sessions. I’ve loved every Word Nerd minute of writing this year, even those tough paragraphs where words dance just out of reach.

Here’s a year of blogs, in one post, sharing 2023’s communications, writing, biz and life hints, tips, tricks, strategies and suggestions:

This one is a different approach to goal setting. 

This one answers some of the questions I received about bringing Writing with Moxie to life. 

I wrote this post in a bit of an anti-hustle moment and it celebrates the philosophy of some of my clients who work in the life by design space. 

Ahh, feedback, the good, the bad and the ‘stop it, you’re making me cry.’ I wrote this post to share how to collect feedback that can be repurposed into fabulous comms. 

Case studies – hate ‘em like poison? This post shows how they can be incredibly powerful, and easier than you think to write. 

Speaking of hating like poison, apostrophes are really not that hard to use, as I explain in this piece. 

This one is less comms and writing and more ‘how does she do it?’ Spoiler alert: she doesn’t!

Tone of voice can be the missing link between content that connects and content that, well, doesn’t. I explain how in this post. 

I created Write Your Year Content Planner to help people create cohesive, strategic content strategies, and I share why that’s important in this post. 

I wrote this blog post to encourage people to look beyond social media for their communications. 

And finally, here comes my favourite piece, inspired by one of my favourite humans, Riss, she of Oz Lit Teacher fame. At a writing retreat, Riss shared with me her annual challenge of writing a Haiku a Day, and I was hooked. I explain all about it in this post, and writing a haiku each day has been one my highlights of the year. 

So that’s my blog adventures for another year. Bring on next year’s writing!

Tell me, what would you like me to write about in the world of Blue51/communications/writing?

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