There’s a question, potentially old as time, and it goes a little something like this:

Who gives a flying you-know-what?


When this is the response to a communications tactic such as a blog post, social media caption or email, it’s, well, unsatisfactory, she says, drawling ala The Breakfast Club. This is the outcome when communications lack focus, when tactics are shot out into the hemisphere without the clarity of message and of audience.


While Simon Sinek has all bases covered when it comes to your why, I’ll never be one of those communications specialists who asks you to do a deep dive on your who. While I’m all about the resting thinking face and giving considered thought to your communications, when it comes to most brands, the shallow end of kiddy pool is as deep as you need to go when it comes to understanding your audience. I say ‘most’ because of course, like anything, there are exceptions, but I also have worked with many people who are beyond frustrated, having spent months writing avatars for their ideal clients that actually took them away from the work with said clients. I don’t want you to ‘intimately know your audience’ to the point where you give them a name, car, cocktail and holiday destination if it’s going to be a barrier to you getting your communications out there- it’s one of those situations where all is needed is a scant overview and then let’s do this shiz!


That said, your communications need to be tied to an audience- it’s as simple as that. No one message is for everyone. If someone is connecting with your message with a ‘so what’, then you’ve missed the mark. It’s an easy fix, my pretty, relatively speaking, and it doesn’t involve filling out a 50 page dossier outlining your dream client’s ins and outs, including their favourite imaginary smoothie order.


Spend 15 minutes with a pen and a couple of blank sheets of paper- oh yes, it’s time for one of Holly’s world famous free ass writing sessions! And yes, I take great pleasure in the contraction of the word association.


Holly at desk


Here’s what I’d like you to write to:

Think about who you’d love to work with, if they were your sole client until the end of time, the one client you could spend all your time working with, who would they be? Sometimes, it’s easy to do this by taking a quick scan of your existing and former client list and making note of the clients and the work that lit you up, that felt like such a guilty pleasure that you almost felt bad taking their money. Almost… #MamaLikesHerNikes While you’re here, think about what led them to you- what were their triggers for picking up the phone or sending you an email to explore working with you?


Think about your favourite services or work in terms of their benefits and their value- how do you change lives? Go beyond the practicalities of what you do. For example, while your Numbers Nerd might lodge your BAS statement, they also free up time and space and they remove stress and uncertainty.


When your timer goes off, you’ll have a beautiful collection of scribbles that will give clarity about who you are speaking to with your communications as well as why they should give a flying you-know-what about what you have to say. This means that when it comes to crafting a message for a communications tactic (social media post, blog post, email campaign, even your elevator pitch for a specific event) you are in a better situation to craft a message that aligns to both your goals and to the motivations of your audience. When a message speaks to the right person- boom! Connection!


Tell me, how do you know who you’re speaking to? Do you know which communications are the best way to bring together your goals and your ideal audience? This is one of the concepts I explore with my clients in my VIP Communications Kickstart, amongst other services. If you’d like more information about working with me please reach out.


I love writing about communications, writing, life in business and life in general! If there’s something specific you’d like me to cover in my writing, please shoot me an email or give me a buzz, and I’ll do my best to help, or address it in an upcoming blog post or on my social media platforms.


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