Writing for business- why outsource your writing projects

Grammar and spelling not your thing? Takes you forever to bang out a 300 word article? Need to update your flyer or website but you get tangled in words? Gosh, don’t put yourself through that quagmire when there are people out there with Masters in this shiz- aka me.

Yes, writing for me is more than something I have a bit of a ‘knack’ in- I’m tertiary qualified. For a while there, I had a bit of an addiction to study, and I have a Master of Arts in Communications, and a Master of Writing and Literature. I couldn’t have got through them without a fairly decent grasp on where to stick a (God forsaken) apostrophe or two. My Writing and Literature Masters, teamed with my Communications Masters means not only do I know how to write, I know how to use writing effectively to generate an outcome and meet a goal. I write for the media- no I don’t mean the daily newspaper, although I have, and do, ghostwriting for clients. I mean I write for the intended delivery method best suited to the intended message recipient. Flyers for promoting an event need to be crafted differently to your services page, and your email campaigns are a completely different style of writing to your social media captions.

People in business often have massive creativity, impeccable services and unique ideas, but when it comes to convey their attributes in writing they get tangled up in jargon or stilted, ‘professional’, best Year 11 essay language.

Here’s some of the types of people in business who typically handball their writing projects to me:

  • People who feel too close to their business and their work to be objective enough to convey it accurately and effectively in writing.
  • People who’ve held a long term attachment to jargon and lingo that their colleagues in the know understand, but confuses their mother, let alone their potential clients.
  • People who are too busy running their business to write about their business.
  • People who find it really difficult to explain on paper both what they do, and the benefits they could genuinely bring to peoples’ lives.

Tell me, do you know how to wield an apostrophe?

This is a post in my Writing for Business blog series . Each month, I share insights, hints and tips from my writing bag of tricks. I’ll show you how to rock writing a range of products, tactics to online communications glory and how to use communications and PR to solve your business marketing problems. If there’s something specific you’d like to know, please shoot me an email or give me a buzz, and I’ll do my best to help, or address it in an upcoming blog post or on my social media platforms.

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