What’s your brand’s pronoun?

In communications, brand voice is critical to connection. Voice is a reflection of brand personality and persona and influences the way a brand connects with an audience and vice versa. When working with a client on their communications, their voice is one of the first things I audit, and as a writer, pronouns are essential …Read more

Why Blue51? The story behind my business name

It’s interesting- at least once a month I’m asked about the story behind my business name, Blue51 Communications. I’m a sucker for a good brand story myself- or any story, really- hence my business tagline- tell your story. Before we can deep dive into the why, let’s do a quick skate over the what.   …Read more

The anatomy of a gorgeous landing page

A landing page (or three) is essential for an effective list building strategy. Actually, they’re essential for many communications and online marketing tactics because they’re specifically created for an action- often to sign up to a list.  Some people use their home page as a landing page. This isn’t ideal as a strategy because it’s …Read more

Tell your story- Jen from Arrow Group

My goodness, I love sharing my clients’ stories via The Proust Questionnaire! Today we have gorgeous Jen from Arrow Group. Arrow Group is a boutique recruitment and HR business in Melbourne’s beautiful East.  The Proust Questionnaire by Jen Ramage, Arrow Group What is your idea of perfect happiness? To enjoy good health and be able …Read more

Track and measure; track and measure!

Track and measure; measure and track. It’s something I bang on about All. The. Time. Seriously, I bore myself, but tracking and measurement is so essential to my communications that I feel more than slightly jittery when clients tell me that they’ve never looked at their Google Analytics. *shudders involuntarily then vomits into a handbag, …Read more