Track and measure; track and measure!

Track and measure; measure and track. It’s something I bang on about All. The. Time. Seriously, I bore myself, but tracking and measurement is so essential to my communications that I feel more than slightly jittery when clients tell me that they’ve never looked at their Google Analytics. *shudders involuntarily then vomits into a handbag, …Read more

Blue51 Show and Tell- Content Clarity

So many ideas; so little time! Blogging is such a fantastic way to tell your story and grow your business. Like any communications tactic, blogging and content marketing is most effective when delivered within a strategy, and not just for the sake of it.  Today’s Blue51 Show and Tell is an overview of working with …Read more

Why I love a good old fashioned copy deck

Have you ever worked with a copy deck? I do, all the time, and haven’t really thought much about it as a process. It’s just what I do. Recently, I handed over a writing project to a client and her response was less about the content (it was fantastic, naturally 😉 ) but she really, …Read more

Some of my favourite non-fiction reads…

Each December for the past two years, as the summer holidays approach, I start getting messages that become increasingly pushier from people wanting my latest best reads list to plan out their summer reading. In 2016, I started publishing a list of my favourite reads from the year before, and if the antsy messages in …Read more

Do you attach goals to your communications?

Communications are essential to a successful, sustainable business. Actually, scrap that- good communications are what’s required. How do you know if they’re good? Sometimes, when I’m working with a new communications client, they’re quite unclear about their communications performance. Often, they know what worked, whilst they think other activities or tactics were a waste of …Read more