Is your PDF Google friendly?

Here’s the thing- I’m a writer, not a SEO specialist, but I have a super-quick strategy to enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that’s working really well for me (and clients) of late: Optimise the b’jesus out of your PDFs. See, I told you it was quick! Pstt… this post comes with a sweet little …Read more

Communications inspo overload

People are often so caught up in the day to day of operating their business that they find themselves in a scattergun pattern of communications. Much, much more effective is a strategic and thoughtful communications plan that’s aligned to broader business goals and has audience and messages at the core. Good communications facilitates and enables …Read more

Win them back with beautiful business writing

Every contact a business or organisation has with an audience is an opportunity to knock off socks with good communications, Dr Suess vibe optional, of course.  I have a number of clients with member-based businesses (think gyms, educational services, peak bodies) and renewal and retention is an ongoing process which can be delicate at the …Read more

Blue51 Show and Tell- Why Be Creative?

There’s nothing like using the principles of story to translate sales and services copy into a narrative that conveys passion, enthusiasm and experience, aka a story. Blue51 Communications’ tagline is tell your story, and today’s Blue51 Show and Tell gives an insight into the writing process behind helping a business owner do exactly that.  The …Read more