Write a better business bio

So, it’s no secret that the power of words is at the heart of what I do as a communications specialist. I love writing in all guises, and in terms of writing for business, about pages have a special place in my cold, dark Word Nerd heart. About pages are an opportunity to turn someone’s …Read more

The road to living a life on my own terms

AKA turning my back on the hustle Did you know that at Blue51HQ Monday = HollyDay? It’s an offical thing, decreed in blue texta on an A4 sheet of paper. A new one, in fact, not even a recycled one that I usually reserve for scribbles. That’s how important it is to me.  Maybe it’s …Read more

Who are you talking to?

Ugh, surely not another small biz blog post about writing a target audience avatar? Hells, no! As they say in the classics, and on my Facebook feed about a gazillion times a day, ‘aint nobody got time for that!’ Look, I can’t deny that I do a happy dance when a new writing client has …Read more

Blue51 Show and Tell- time for a website makeover

As a business grows and evolves, the initial website that showcased a new business can often become outdated and no longer reflective of the business and the audience. Put simply, it needs a makeover! Today’s Blue51 Show and Tell shows how I took a website that had, in the client’s words, ‘multiple spare rooms’ into …Read more

Apostrophe 101

How to use an apostrophe? Let me count the ways… As a communications specialist, writer for business, and a person completely besotted with the english language, aka Word Nerd, nothing quite does my head in like seeing marketing materials littered with incorrect spelling, bad grammar and wayward apostrophes. If I’m wandering down the street, thoughts …Read more