Are you your industry’s best kept secret?

I have a fabulous content writing client who is twelve months into running her own consulting business post-corporate life. She is incredible at what she does, gets fantastic results for her clients yet feels her work is very much still a secret. No-one knows who she is and what she does, much less that she …Read more

My Top 10 blog posts of 2018

Wowsers, what a year in blog land! I’ve had a wander around my analytics, and the following posts are the ones that have been most popular from this year. That said, this is a modified Top 10 in that posts I wrote three and four years ago are still appearing in my most viewed content …Read more

My top 10 reads of 2018

Oh, it’s that magical time of year again when I dive deep into my memory banks to relive the books that I’ve loved best this past year. Those of you playing along at home will know that each year, I keep a running diary of the books I read, and at the end of the …Read more

Analytics dashboard essentials

Google Analytics is a must for your communications toolkit. It’s a free tool that monitors your website performance in terms of traffic, keywords and audience. It has so much info and data that can not only be used to improve your website, but also guide your broader communications strategy. Hey guess what! This post comes …Read more